Day 3 / Learning Suffering

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Uncategorized

Another great day sharing the gospel at Shore school! The Moore team was able to teach and participate in classes, to speak at chapel, and to enjoy handball and conversations with students over recess and lunch. Here’s a bit more detail on what that has looked like…

Isaac taught a year 11 class on the difficult issue of suffering. Isaac began the lesson by sharing his own testimony. The class then discussed Stephen Fry’s comments that God is immoral for allowing suffering. Isaac led a discussion of what positive purposes might God have for suffering and the boys shared many good answers to this, such as that suffering drives people to call on God. To finish the class broke up into small groups to discuss what the Bible has to say about suffering (from places like Romans 5:3-5). Isaac gave this lesson 3 times today and many of the team taught other lessons to other years. Our hope is that in these lessons the students will realise that the things they’re learning in Christian studies are useful in the real world for comfort and salvation.

James spoke in chapel to encourage the students to give up their old life and gain new life. He spoke from Matthew 19 where Jesus meets the ‘model Shore boy’. The rich young ruler follows all the rules and seems great but he is not following Jesus. James showed great empathy with the boys that they would have to give up a lot of comfort, riches, and opportunities to follow Jesus. But there is much more of everything for those who follow Jesus.

During lunch some of the team joined CRU groups to encourage those students in their meetings. Also at lunch James gave a talk about truth and the need to follow Jesus. In the evening the Moore team enjoyed burgers, tacos and loaded fries together at a local restaurant, after which Ryan and Edmund joined a Bible study for students in year 9.


  • Praise God for the interaction of students with the gospel.
  • Thank God for the constant work of the Christian Education Department at Shore School to teach the students about Jesus.
  • For students to be more interested in understanding Jesus after hearing about the impact Jesus has made on the team.
  • For students to continue to ask questions and challenge their own ideas with the team. Pray that this will be useful in students coming to faith in Jesus.