Day 4 / Panthers, Dragons and Jesus

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Uncategorized

Today we had our team day off. This was to help us rest and recuperate for what is going to be a busy three days ahead. Penrith Anglican were incredibly generous in organising a visit to Penrith Panthers, where we were able to meet some players and check out some of the facilities and stadium. Afterwards we spent the day in fellowship hanging out by the river playing some outdoor games and just generally chilling out. Some members of the team visited family and went home for the day. At night a few members of the team joined the Dungeons and Dragons/Board Games evening that they hold every Wednesday night. It was a great opportunity to connect with so many people who do not normally attend church and proclaim the gospel and build relationships. The team said they were able to have some gospel centred conversations and encourage people to investigate Jesus more closely. Please pray for us as we head into the more tightly packed part of the week, that we may have energy from this day of rest to serve God whole heartedly as we proclaim his gospel to those we meet!