Day 6 / Blue Women, CREW & Beef With God

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

Day 6! Today was such a great day as we got to witness the body of Christ working together. The ladies of the team helped out at an event called “Out of the Blue”. The event was designed for women who struggle with anxiety and depression. Heaps of women attended; plenty who had never come to Penrith Anglican before. There were many good conversations after the event had finished, and all reports were really encouraging.

Other members of the team took members of the community on church heritage tours. Penrith Anglican has a beautiful, traditional building, so the team helped run tours to show people some of the history of the building. People of the community were taken around the site; a guide explained its historical significance, and a student shared about how it relates to the gospel.

At night we had two separate events. Some members of the team went to CREW Youth, shared their testimonies and ran small groups. It was an awesome encouragement to see three new young people at CREW, and also to see the some of the young people putting their trust in Jesus despite difficult times!

The other half of the team ran a Q&A night called “Beef with God”. It was a chance for anyone who had a pickle with God to vent their frustrations and seek answers to complex issues by asking questions to our panel. The night was really encouraging as many people brought their questions forward and the team did a sensational job answering faithfully. The gospel was proclaimed, and our continued prayer is that people will respond and desire to know more about Jesus.

On Day 7 we will be heading out door knocking and running a women’s event to help women think about what true wellness looks like. Pray for the team as energy levels decrease and sickness begins to creep in. Pray also that people we engage with will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
Peace Out!