Day 6 / Newington Anglican and Auburn Kids Club

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Day 6 – Friday


Newington is only 10 minutes away from Auburn but has a different vibe! The church was planted about 2 ½ years ago to focus on reaching the many people who are moving into Newington, Wentworth point and Silverwater. Earlier in the week, the church held a parenting seminar to connect with and serve the community. Today, we got to door knock, letterbox drop and have conversations with people in public spaces.

We regrouped in Newington before spreading out across the three suburbs. We filled many letterboxes with invitations to easter services. We also enjoyed meeting many people near the bridge and down by the wharf.

Around the area
Jamie and Hope were invited into the home of a Buddhist lady for an hour. They heard all about *Yan’s beliefs, including concerns about defilements, how she seeks to purify herself and her ideas about previous lives.

Tim and Carol spoke with an older man who was enjoying the view of the river. *Jack thought that there were many ways to God, that all major religions have a concept of god and that it is basically the same entity. Jack admitted that he wasn’t perfect but believed that we will all eventually be ok if we try to do the right thing. Tim had the opportunity to gently challenge this assumption by speaking about who God is and how incapable we are of pleasing God. He spoke of the thief on the cross who hadn’t done anything to deserve being saved. Jack also got to hear how Jesus Himself said in John 14, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. Noone comes to the Father except through me.’ Carol shared that through her health failing she had realised how incapable she was in other ways. Carol spoke of being unable to save herself and how much she needs a Saviour. They urged Jack to come along to Newington church and investigate more about Jesus. Jack stated that he was happy in his current belief system and asked them to be happy for him. They told him honestly that they could not.

Auburn Kids Club
In the afternoon, some of us went to Auburn for the Kids Club. There are about twenty children who come along and 95% of the kids are not from church families but from the local community. Parents often come along and are usually up for a chat.

Time for a feast
We all gathered together for a team banquet at a Lebanese restaurant. This was a great time of fellowship after a big week.

*Name has been changed

Prayer Points

  • Give thanks for Newington Anglican and for Hugh Jonas who is leading that congregation. Pray that the church will be enabled to work together to effectively reach those around them.
  • Pray for Jack, that Jesus’ words would unsettle his belief system. Pray that he would change his mind, read God’s word and put His trust in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for Yan and also a young muslim lady who received a copy of Luke’s gospel. Pray that God will bring them out of those belief systems and bring them to Himself through Jesus.
  • Pray for an elderly couple with health problems who have not been able to go to church since they moved to Silverwater. Pray that the church will be able to bring them along and support them in these difficulties.
  • Pray for *Sarah who is Brazillian, of a catholic background, unemployed and feeling disconnected from people. She was keen to come along to Newington Anglican. Please pray that she will come, be cared for well, hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus and be saved.

Dining Lebanese Style

Auburn Kids Club

Parenting Seminar

Lunch at Newington

Leafleting Newington

Friday night team meal