Day 6 / Three Youth Groups

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

Friday was a big day for our team in Sadleir. As we began our day with a team devotion, God reminded us that He has given everything that we need for a godly life – even on mission. Then some of our team helped with a Bible study for the playgroup mothers. Usually the group doesn’t have crèche helpers so it can be very difficult to engage deeply with the Bible and each other. So the mums greatly appreciated having their kids looked after and a study led for them. Next some of our team ran a service for an aged care group who came to church. The people who came loved the songs so much that the team ended up playing 8 songs in the service! In the afternoon we had a chat with the senior minister and he told us about his experiences doing ministry in the country and about some of the blessing and challenges of taking over the church in Sadleir. Then in the evening most of the team ran a youth night for 3 local youth groups. Everyone had heaps of fun and the youth acted out parts of the Bible story where we taught that the Bible is one big story about God and his kingdom.