Day 6 / What a Day!

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Feature Image: Kids enjoy singing Super Saviour with Captain America and Co

Our 6th day of mission was a big one! Here’s a snapshot of the day by the numbers:

  • Two scripture assemblies at local primary schools
  • Five scripture seminars at the local high school
  • Five non-church kids attending 180 Kids Club
  • Six newcomers attending Element youth group for the first time
  • Seven Bible talks and seven testimonies given across all events throughout the day
  • Fourteen hours from the start of our big day (8am) to the end (10pm)
  • Seventeen very tired team members!
  • Fifty kgs of meat eaten at the Men & Meat evangelistic dinner
  • One hundred bibles handed out to high school students
  • Three hundred people reached through all the different things we ran today!

Take a look through these photos to get an idea of the day:

Lauren sharing her testimony at youth group

Mitch sharing with youth group about Jesus the Good Shepherd

The local butcher explaining a hindquarter at the Men & Meat event

Captain America goes to school

Fact or fiction, did Jesus rise from the dead

Highschoolers asked by Scott what comes after death

Kate and Maddie hit the streets together for some salty conversations

Understandably there is a lot to pray about from today alone!

  • Pray primary and secondary students would go away from the scripture sessions with a desire to find out more about Jesus, and that they’d make an informed decision about who they think he is.
  • Pray that the Bibles we handed out would be read by students!
  • Pray that all the talks given today would challenge people who may have never considered Jesus before.
  • Pray for the kids club and youth group, that those who attend would keep doing a great job of inviting friends and that the friends they brought along for the first time last night would keep coming back to hear more about Jesus.
  • Thank God for the word-centred ministry of St David’s Forestville, that this is central in their outreach, kids and youth ministry and everything they do.
  • Pray for unbelieving men who attended the Men & Meat night, that they would keep talking with the friend that invited them and attend an Easter church service.
  • Pray that God would give the team energy to finish off the last two days of mission!
  • Praise God for letting us be part of his mission to the lost.