Day 7 / Sausages and Cheese For Outreach

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Feature Image: 56 women at Cheese and Chats – around half were invited friends! 


Give thanks to God for the two outreach opportunities today!

Reaching out to the community through free sausages

On Saturday morning from around 9:30am, we cranked up the BBQ around the shops in The Centre of Forestville and handed out free sausages and invitations to Easter services at St David’s Anglican. Praise God for giving us good weather and many people to chat with. There were great conversations with some people who were willing to give the gospel a hearing, and others who gladly received the invitation to come to church. Please pray that God would prompt them to find out more, that they would actually come to church this Easter, that they would be drawn to him and come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Getting the outreach BBQ started

Women chatting over cheese and other treats

Cheese and chats was a fantastic women’s outreach event organised by first year ministry apprentice Rachel and other women from St David’s. It was a wonderful opportunity for women to chat with each other whilst enjoying a delicious spread from a gorgeous grazing table.

Welcome to Cheese and Chats

Many Christians had invited their friends and neighbours along. One woman had come through the outreach BBQ in the morning, and also knew some of the women at church. It was incredible and so encouraging that she was so keen to find out more about Jesus!

More than simply Cheese and Chats

In her talk, Beth painted a vivid picture of Mary’s utter devotion to Jesus as she poured a bottle of expensive perfume over his feet at a dinner party. She explained why Jesus was worthy of such devotion and challenged us all to think about whether we were responding to him rightly, or if we were perhaps missing the point like Judas. Please pray that the Christian women will continue to have good conversations with their guests about this. Praise God for their courage in extending invitations and desire to see their friends know Jesus, and for the many friends who came. Pray that God would be working in those who haven’t yet given their full devotion to Jesus, that they might realise why it is so important and worth it – and actually make the step to do so!