Day 7 / The Word That Changes Hearts

by | Mar 30, 2019 | Uncategorized

In the morning Andrew lead a workshop for the leaders of Epping Presbyterian Church helping them think through conviction, character and competency.

Nello, Pastor at Epping PC, shared openly about past struggles and dark moments in ministry while testifying to God’s goodness and how His word changes everything! He encouraged us to be a people who minister in weakness, not in strength and to continue moving people toward the word that points them to God’s Son.

At night there were two evangelistic events! About 30 men came for the men’s bbq which was a great turnout. They investigated the claims of Jesus, and why they matter to us and to the world. The church had been running events like these about once a quarter in an effort to do more outreach. Four non-christians came! Good food and dessert was had, and the message was well received. One of the non-christians responded by coming to church the following morning for the Sunday service!

The women heard a short talk on the right response to treasure when it is found and challenged them to respond appropriately to Jesus. Lucy encouraged the women to read the gospel of Matthew for ourselves. It was a joy that the ladies who were so new to church were getting to know each other and paying attention to the word read and taught.

Team member Vanessa’s share her highlight: “It was unexpected meeting with a Malaysian lady who shared the same hometown as my mum! We prayed for each other and encouraged each other to pursue Christ in a new country”. Vanessa was so thankful for how Valley church members were welcoming and caring for her as they spent time learning from the Bible!

Prayer points:

  • For the non-Christian men who heard the gospel at the evangelistic event – that God would bring them to respond in repentance and trust in Jesus.
  • For the women of Valley PC to grow in love for God and maturity as they follow Him and disciple other women in the church.
  • For the leaders at Epping PC that they will model gospel shaped godliness and humbly lead the congregation well as they teach God’s word.