Day 8 / An Incredible Opportunity

by | Mar 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

After a day off on Saturday, the Moore team met at Shore school one last time for the final boarder’s chapel for mission week. Josh preached on Acts 17:24-31, speaking about the outrage of unmet justice. He compared the views of Atheism and Christianity, showing that only Christianity has a good solution to the problem of injustice. This brings to light the coming judgement that God will deliver, and the need for everyone to decide where they stand now, before they must face the Judge.

Over the week we have been in contact with around 1600 students, explaining the gospel to them. The Moore team has been blown away by the incredible opportunity Shore school has to be ministering to so many boys, five days a week, for six years (longer if they attend the prep there first). The time of mission has been so helpful in our understanding of this unique, non-parish gospel work.

We have enjoyed the well-developed Christian education program, that we saw and assisted with in the Christian studies classes. Many of the students have a general understanding of the gospel, but we felt like we had an ability to be useful to them in our conversations, as we challenged them to make sure they properly understood the claims of Jesus, or to help them think through deciding to follow Christ. The Christian leadership at Shore is strong, and it was really fantastic to see the results of their work over the years, as we heard from the current students their understanding of the Bible, and as we learnt from the chaplains about the many ‘old boys’ who became Christians after graduating from Shore, thanks in part to what they had learnt in their time there.

Paul, the school chaplain reflected on the week and advocated the amazing opportunity of school-based ministry. He was grateful for the partnership between Moore and Shore, particularly as it gives new voices to the same gospel being taught in the classes each week, and he was pleased to see and hear about the many students that engaged in meaningful conversations with the Moore team.

Prayer points:

  • Thank God for the Shore school mission week and for the chance to talk about Jesus to so many students.
  • Pray for Paul and the other Christian studies teachers over the coming weeks, as they catch up with students that were challenged by the gospel and who are thoughtfully considering the next step.
  • Pray that Shore School would continue to be a place of faithful Christian teaching, and that many more young men would come to know Jesus as a result of the ministry there.