Day 8 / Fellowship and Farewells

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As the team split again to three different Sunday services, Jaison unpacked the truth of Jesus being both the son of David and his Lord at Valley PC; James preached from the exciting story of David and Goliath at Epping and Joey challenged Hume PC with Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6.

We also had the privilege of sharing testimonies, giving kids spots, service leading and running kids church. Fellowship and farewells followed over morning tea.

After our respective church services the team headed to Mernda Community Fair to help at a stall run by Valley Presbyterian Church. Many conversations and connections were made and the special ministry skill of making balloon animals came in handy. Families who stopped by the stall were invited to Easter services.

Prayer points:

– Pray in thanksgiving for our partnership in the gospel with Valley, Epping and Hume Presbyterian churches during the past week especially our generous billets!

– Pray in thanksgiving for the many and varied opportunities to proclaim Christ over the past week and that God, in His mercy, would provide fruit as a result.

– Pray that would God would do a mighty work in North Melbourne by bringing people to Himself and building His church.

Kids Church At Epping

Lucy At Mernda Fair

Mernda Fair Stall

Os Service Leading At Epping

Vanessa’s Testimony At Valley – Melbourne

Jaison At Valley-Melbourne