Day 8 / The Reason for Church

by | Mar 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

For our final day of mission in Watsons Bay we remembered that the reason for church is Jesus Christ. Team member Dan preached on this topic, reminding us that it is Jesus who gathers people to him and calls on all people to repent and believe. This message encouraged the congregation members to be united in Christ, seeing their identity as Christians found in the one who saves them and has gathered them to be his people. While some of the church members may differ in their outlook on some doctrines or ideas of church practice, it was good to be pointed to the central truth which unites believers.

The primary age kids also learnt about the unity followers of Jesus have as the church. Jie and Karina were able to share with them from Ephesians 4 about how lots of different people make up the one body with Christ as the head. This means we need to love each other and work together as we tell others about Jesus.

Feedback from congregation members and the ministry team at St Peters has helped us realise the huge blessing God has allowed our team to be to the church there. One member of the predominantly older congregation said it was invigorating to have so many young people around for the week who we were keen to go out and share about Jesus. A parent commented that it was encouraging to their children to see young adults modelling what it looks like to trust Christ.

While our team’s mission in Watsons Bay has ended for the week, God’s mission for this Sydney suburb has not. There is still a faithful staff team working hard to grow the church here and see people won for Christ. As a team we are thankful for the humility and perseverance we’ve witnessed among the ministry staff here as they seek to do this. We’d love it if you would keep this church in your prayers.

Please pray:

  • For there to be much gospel fruit from the connections our team made in the past week – please bring people along to church and the staff following up well.
  • St Peters Watsons Bay would grow in maturity in Christ and be seeking to live out the unity they have as the body of Christ by bearing with one another in love.
  • For the staff team of Scott, Dan and Caitlin to keep faithfully serving this community, being upheld by God’s strength and power.
  • For the small kids church class to be putting their trust in Jesus. Thank God for the volunteer leaders from other churches who come out to teach these kids about the gospel.