Day 8 / What a Week!

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What a week!

We started off the day with the 10am service at Auburn. It was encouraging that *Dean was able to be in church and that two of his sons came as well. Earlier in the week, Goodson and Carol had visited *Dean in the Aged Care home.

Simeon preached from Luke 18 about the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector. He urged us to not be like the Pharisee thinking that we can be good enough for God but like the Tax collector who admitted his sin. We were clearly shown that we can only be accepted by God on the basis of his mercy through what Jesus did on the cross. James gave his testimony about how God patiently drew him to Himself through various people and things that happened. Studying the Bible for the first time in ESL class, working for a Christian boss and seeing God answer a desperate prayer. James finally put his trust in Christ after watching ‘The Passion of the Christ’ movie. It was Jesus’ words of forgiveness from the cross which affected him the most.

After pizza we had our last meeting before heading over to Newington for 4:30pm church. There was appreciation for how we had seen a range of stages in ministering to people across the week. For example, first contact from doorknocking, to being invited to dinners with people who the team are in ongoing relationships with, to getting to know people who are now trusting Christ and being built up in Him. It is a diverse and changing neighbourhood with at least 1000 refugees living in the streets around Auburn Anglican. We have been reminded that ministry is slow and needs commitment over the long term.

Some of us headed over to Newington early so that we could have a coffee together. Dan preached on Luke 23 about the two thieves on the cross. He gave a clear challenge to decide which thief we were and to be like the one who put his trust in Jesus and was saved. Hope gave her testimony about how God showed her who she really is “in Jesus”. God revealed to Hope her true identity through Ephesians chapter 1. Paul and Rhys gave the kids spot about making decisions. Then Tom and Carol joined K-6 for kids church. We were welcomed to Auburn by a church subcontinental banquet and ended mission with a great family BBQ in Newington. Some members of our team commented:

  • It was a privilege to serve alongside you all, and I’ve learnt heaps from the week and have spent all my time off so far raving to whoever is in earshot about what a good ministry opportunity it has been.
  • Aside from additional weight which I gained due to yummy food, I also learned a lot last week, and gained beautiful memories and friendship which I’ll surely keep.

We were so glad to hear about God’s work in one man at the end of the day! On Sunday night we received a text from one of the staff telling some very encouraging news from Auburn night church. *Argo came along to the evening service. He had been doorknocked, came to the BBQ and had a chat with Hugh there. *Argo decided to come along to church and now wants to join a Bible study!        *Name’s have been changed

Praise & Prayer points

  • Please praise God with us for His provision and enabling throughout the week.
  • Praise Him for all those we met and pray that He will continue to be at work in them. Especially thank the Lord for *Dean and his two sons who came along to church and for *Argo who wants to explore about our Lord Jesus.
  • Praise God for His people at Auburn & Newington Anglican churches and pray that He will uphold, grow and enable them. Thanks so much for your prayer!

Paul & Rhys doing a kids spot

Simeon preaching from Luke 18

Dan Preaching on Luke 23

Hope giving her testimony

James giving his testimony