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Our blog is live, see below to read our mission posts. Enjoy! 

Be there to knit-a-square

Tonight we had a women’s event at Holy Trinity Kingsford. We were knitting squares to send to South Africa where a charity would assemble them into blankets to be given to aids-affected orphans. There was lots of tasty supper and conversations to be had while we...

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Its hard work resting!

The art of resting, oh dear reader, is near impossible to master, and further challenges are imposed when one is on mission. You're here to serve the lord feverously after all! How can you rest?!Indeed it takes faith and trust in God to rest well. knowing you are not...

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Butterflies, Ministry and Training.

Welcome back dear blog-viewer. I told you earlier this day what the outlook was for our day, and I must say the day was a blast. After a hearty lunch, some of our team went with Dave (pastor of Holy Trinity Kingsford) to the Randwick High School and participated in...

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Praising the King in Kingsford

Praising the king of Kingsford, the Lord Jesus Christ, was fantastic today. The Moore college mission team was able to attend both 8am and 10am services. Each had their own individual flavor, but both were done for the glory of God.At the 8am traditional gathering, we...

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Some moments from day 1

Today we got to meet the church at Holy Trinity Kingsford and get a feel for the suburb. Located just south of UNSW the area has both older residents and young uni students, and a variety of ethnicities.Here are some photos from the first afternoon: (more details...

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Kingsford: mission begins

 This week we're going to the distant land of Kingsford, all 20 minutes drive away from college. Church is at 8am and 10am, followed by lunch, prayer and door knocking. Some members of our team will be preaching too! I'm looking forward to meeting the branch of the...

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