Lake Illawarra 2018

Our mission is underway, you can read about our 2018 mission below.

Too legit to quit; A glimpse into Day 3

Some things we did: The first two sessions of the Jesus is talks were held today at the civic centre, known as ‘The Hub’ to locals of the area. Ben Pfahlert spoke convincingly about the legitimacy of Jesus to two groups of people and there were many signs that people...

Day 2: Some things are worth celebrating

Something we did: Today started early, with a group heading down to the local station to meet commuters with an early morning sugar rush (read Easter egg treat) and an invite to the Jesus Is events taking place this week. There were a few hundred flyers handed out and...

Day One – A warm, sunny welcome!

Day One of Illawarra mission has kicked off with a beautiful, hot and sunny morning down south. All of our team were spread across a number of churches throughout the Illawarra region, with many of our more senior students preaching God’s word to the local...

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