Team Lane Cove and Mowbray blog

Our blog is live, see below to read our mission posts. Enjoy! 

Fruitful and Rest

The team at Lane Cove - Mowbray have just had their rest day. Wednesday morning the team again was split into different locations and different activities. We had most of the team at Lane Cove running Junior Jivers, It was great to see so many from the local community...

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Two Judges

Three Scripture assemblies, English conversation classes, a bunch of growth groups, and a scholar.One of the privileges of living in NSW is the ability to teach SRE in local public schools. One of the privileges of being in a parish that covers multiple suburbs is...

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Sunday in the Cove

Today we were fed. Twice.At 8 am on Sunday morning the team arrived at St Andrew's, Lane Cove. St Andrew's is the larger of the two locations within Lane Cove and Mowbray Anglican Church, affectionately known as LCM Churches. We were ready for a big day at church,...

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