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Evangelism like a cyclist

Yesterday we were very thankful to have Al Stewart (City Bible Forum, City East Fellowship Bondi) come and share with the team his thoughts on evangelism. I don't see myself as particularly gifted in evangelism and I'm often in wonder of those people who seem to be...

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Grow with the flow

Thursday, Day 5.BEFORE | Scripture Assembly #2 + #3Over the last few days, a solid 5 hours were spent grinding brains, writing, rehearsing and memorizing Stinky Feet: a skit, that we intended to use over 4 SRE assemblies. Because of recent scrutiny and reform on SRE,...

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Pirates, stinky feet and Jesus!

After our day of rest, came a great day of telling the Easter story to young people. First up, we had a 'Special Religious Education' Easter Assembly for Malabar Public School. Here we all learned that if we have stinky feet, our friends may not want to be near us...

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Wild and Choppy

Written last night. Draft lost, morale sunk. Rewritten today, Wednesday. But let's just pretend it's still Tuesday.BEFORE | A SwimIt's 10am. Maroubra Beach, 3.5km from Malabar. Predicted forecast: sunny, 27°c. Reality: overcast, 21°c. The cool breeze sweeps over goose...

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