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Our blog is live, see below to read our mission posts. Enjoy! 

New Zealand Day 8: Game on!

Today was a day of games with the team taking part in and watching rugby, soccer and board games with people we've met during the week who want to know more about Jesus.Some of the guys even played up to three hours of soccer in the pursuit of building relationships...

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New Zealand Day 6: Ordinary

Catch ups. Walks ups. Training. It's been another great day of holding out the gospel alongside Auckland EV. Conversations have been hard, the rejections have sometimes been weird (ask Vinno), people have grasped the urgency of their friends hearing the gospel, and...

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New Zealand Day 2: Popcorn please!

We wandered into Westfield and right past the ticket booths. Surrounded by the buzz of anticipation we settled into the comfort of a cinema chair, and... 'welcome to Auckland Evangelical'. Later, after some fantastic lunches talking evangelism with our connect groups...

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New Zealand Day 1: All smiles?

Well it begins! Today it was all about airports, planes and custom gates. It's an interesting feeling the first day of an overseas mission. It feels in many ways like your you're going on a holiday. The packing of bags, the saying goodbye at the airport, the mandatory...

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New Zealand: So close, so far

Welcome to the New Zealand Team blog bro! We're excited that you'll be coming along for the ride with us over the next week. As a team, we're a diverse bunch. We've got Australians, Chinese, Koreans, Kiwis and even an American for a good mix. Yet as we think about...

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