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Our blog is live, see below to read our mission posts. Enjoy! 

Day 6

Friday morning was another good opportunity to watch some of the experienced scripture teachers. It was striking to see how strategic they were at was using every one of the 30 minutes available carefully. One teacher would even make the most of the time the children...

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Day 5

Day 5 of mission started off with a scripture at Milperra Public and Panania North. Panania North had a special event combining all the primary year classes into a large assembly which allowed for a more elaborate play and presentation. In the end there was a clear...

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Day 4

First thing on for day 4 was assisting with Panania Public school scripture. It was a privilege to watch some of the really experienced scripture teachers in action and we learnt a lot from them about how to teach the Bible to kids in a classroom setting. Meanwhile,...

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Panania – Day 3

Today saw an early start to mission for the Panania team to reach the morning peak for leafleting at train stations. the team spread out across Panania, Revesby and East Hills stations. It was at times discouraging by being rejected so frequently but at other times...

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Day Two

After the morning team meeting the group divided and conquered.Some of the team helped run the morning playtime group for 0-5yrs at the church. We were grateful for the opportunity to serve in children's ministry, although some of the team got a bit too carried...

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Off to a quick start

The Panania team arrived bright and early for the 8am traditional service. Dave Bingelli preached up a storm on Isaiah 52 and then we met the more ‘mature’ members of Panania Anglican. We were greatly encouraged to hear their stories and transformations over the year...

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