Day 2 / Making Friends in Auburn

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Making Friends in Auburn & story telling!

A centrepiece of our mission this week is direct outreach to the neighbourhood.

Each day, we’ve been reading a passage together from the book of 1 Thessalonians. This has been great fuel for our prayers and strengthening.

On Monday morning we started to make friends around Auburn! We went off in pairs inviting people to the community BBQ which we are planning to hold on Saturday the 30th in Auburn Park. We also went out hoping to learn about the beliefs of the local residents and prayed for opportunities to speak. Four pairs of people were welcomed into people’s homes to have extended conversations.

Here are some of the stories:

Paul and one of the members of Auburn church enjoyed a cup of tea with someone.

Rhys and another member of the church knocked on one door and a man greeted them from a verandah above. Not long after someone else came out. They had a conversation with this man who turned out to be a plumber visiting the units. Later on, Rhys and Sam were talking with an older man out the front of his place when that same plumber arrived! Soon father and son were sharing some of what they believed and telling their stories. Rhys and Sam listened and then had an opportunity to speak about their beliefs as well.

Carol joined Goodson for a different sort of door knocking at a local aged care home.  Goodson is a local evangelist and pastor with St Philips Auburn. He spends his time out in the community building relationships with people and seeking to have conversations with them about our Lord Jesus.

Goodson and Carol visited *Dean, (not his actual name), who has been through a lot lately with his health. Dean used to be quite a well-known musician and still loves music. He was lying down when they arrived as he has been unwell. They read about how Jesus calmed the storm. Goodson encouraged Dean that in the storms that he is going through – Jesus is able to help him. Dean enjoyed remembering other things that Jesus had done too. Goodson spoke about how God never slumber nor sleeps so we sang a song about that and prayed together. People from St Philips usually pick Dean up and bring him to church if he is well enough.

After lunch we had some great training in storytelling by Margaret and her assistant. We were encouraged to memorise some of the gospel narrative so that we could then share it with those who we meet. Then some of us learnt how to apply henna so that we can use the design to tell people the message as well.

Henna Bible storytelling

Practing Henna

  • Thank God for the conversations we have had with people in the community and ask that He will be at work in them.
  • Please praise God for Goodson, the people he ministers to and the opportunities God has given him. Give thanks for the good rapport that he has with the local aged care home. Please ask God to be at work in those he is ministering to.
  • Give thanks for the story telling training and pray that we will be able to remember the stories we are memorising.
  • Not all of the responses were so positive. Please pray for new opportunities and honest conversations as we continue to meet people throughout the week.