Day 0 – 3 / Throwing the Norms Out the Window!

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Feature Image: Handing out Arvo tea on Monday

Day 0 – 3: Throwing the Norms Out the Window!

Saturday – 4 of the team went to Macquarie Anglican Christian Church. John Costin gave a sermon. They are a small but very faithful church. They are really excited to throw the norms out the window as they get ready to have a massive “invite the neighbourhood” service next week.

Sunday –With 3 morning services, English, Mandarin and Cantonese, there were stacks of people who were so welcoming to us and excited to have fresh new faces to share the gospel with the area.

Will Timmins preached up a banger on the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, challenging the congregation to if they believe they are bringing their own salvation, or is God bringing it to them in Jesus.

There was a boatload of children in Sunday School which was led by the mission team. We then experienced the amazing hospitality of the Artarman people. We shared a beautiful lunch with the parish members. We thought it was a single event, but it is the weekly norm for the members and visitors of the church.

From there we went door knocking and letting the people of Artarman know about the events that the church has on through the week. This was the most encouraging part of the day, as we were outnumbered by the parish. There were 14 mission team members and around 18 parishioners who were so keen to see new people come to church, and more so, come to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.

Prepping for door knocking

Monday – Monday was very slow paced day, full of planning for the week.

However in the afternoon we set up afternoon tea for children passing by from the near by school. We were also at Artarmon station handing out fliers for the upcoming events and inviting people to conversations.

Tuesday – Hash browns being handed out at the station. This was an early start for some but enjoyable (and delicious)

We then spent some time talking to David, the senior minister of Artarmon about all of the intricacies of church planting and starting a new church.

  • Please pray for those that are thinking about coming along to the Q&A events, and the for the children that are excited to come along to a science afternoon and a mini masterchef.
  • Pray that the gospel would touch the lives of all of those involved.
  • Pray for those giving talks or testimonies throughout the week.
  • Give thanks for the excitement that the church has for us being here. It’s so encouraging and there is nothing but smiles and thankfulness for us being here