Day 3 / $15 Million Homes

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Uncategorized

The fallenness of humanity means that even for those living in $15 Million homes, people have the same questions, the same concerns, the same insecurities and the same longings that we all have. Ministry among those who wake up looking over the harbour has its perks and its challenges but, like all mission areas, is a harvest field in need of more labourers.

An early start was spent talking with commuters about to jump on the ferry taking them to work in Circular Quay (it’s a hard life for some). A few encouraging conversations were mixed in with others where a polite dismissal was received.

The team has spent the majority of time engaging those around the community whether they be locals or tourists and a few definite leads have been established. A visit to the local Aged Care facility, Mark Moran, saw congregation members invite a friend to meet the mission team with the hope that this friend would agree to come to church on Sunday. Be praying that this would happen!

Other cold-contact evangelism has also occurred. There have been really promising conversations with a variety of different people, ranging from those who have walked away from faith to people who have never heard the gospel before.

Please be praying for the team that we would be sustained in a week of walk-up evangelism and that the congregation in Watson’s Bay would see lasting fruit from this mission.