Day 3 / Can Teenagers Have Any Hope?

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Uncategorized

Do you think you have enough information to make a decision about Jesus? If a rope represented all of eternity, your life on earth would take up only a tiny little bit of it. Do you care about what comes after that? Can you find the Easter eggs? These were some of the questions Andrew put forth at a PMCS evangelistic event at Charles Sturt University Port Macquarie (or as the locals call it “Port”).

Around 12 university students came, 6 who were not regulars to the group, and heard about Jesus and the evidence for him presented in the gospels. They were challenged to not be like Thomas and doubt, but to consider the evidence of the gospels and decide. The Students were happy to be there, listen to what was said and ask questions about trusting the gospel.

The afternoon ended with an Easter egg hunt which allowed the group to transition outside and continue the great conversations that were started inside. The team was excited to witness the work of Steve in the university and to see the fruits of his efforts.

Can teenagers have any hope? Where can they find it? Who likes Chocolate? These were the questions asked by our youth team as they headed over the Camden Haven High School, running an all-in SRE seminar.

The team kept the student’s attention for over an hour playing games, asking questions and telling them about the hope we can have in Jesus. There were great conversations and questions asked by the students and they interacted well with the content. The team were encouraged by the level of engagement the students showed, a credit to Jessie and the great relationship he has developed teaching SRE at Camden Haven High.

In the evening we had the chance to spend some time with the church members in their growth groups. The team felt the love and care that these groups have for each other, their community and their church.  The students were especially grateful for the love that the groups showed them, offering to pray for them and asking them to share their testimonies.