Day 3 / Cross Cultural Training

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Feature Image: Cross Cultural Training and Prayer

Cross cultural training and the opportunity to put it into practice!

A bunch of people from the church joined us which was really encouraging. Tim gave us some insights from his time in Auburn and a bit of cross cultural training. After another brilliant lunch, we spread out across the suburb to door knock or meet people in the park.

Paul and Tash had a great chat with a Nepalese Hindu man in his 20s. They caught him in the middle of cooking “momo” for his family. He invited them in and they had a long chat, during which he explained that he knew of Jesus and respected Him but would love to know more. They shared a couple of stories that Jesus himself told: the prodigal son, and the Pharisee and the Tax collector. Paul said that it was, “slightly awkward, and English wasn’t perfect, but he seemed to understand enough, appreciate our visit and know Jesus better by the end of the visit!”

Hope and Kev spoke to *Nick (not his real name). Twenty years before, Nick had a stroke which has left him with short term memory. Nick was open to having a conversation about Jesus but thought that there was no use as he would just forget ten minutes later. Hope spoke of the reality of the new creation which Nick could have in Jesus. This was when Nick said that he has to hear the same message forty times before he can take it in. Hope and Kev offered to come back that many times if that would help him. 

Sam had a long conversation with a Nepalese lady in the park. Perla was invited to join a couple of others for a coffee with another lady. Perla had the opportunity to share how the Lord has been with her over the years and helped her in many ways.

Jamie & Ian spoke to two guys washing their cars. Over the course of the conversation they had the opportunity to share about the Pharisee and the Tax collector and the healing of the Paralytic. The conversation lasted for about 45 minutes and Jamie and Ian were asked questions like, ‘Why do you believe Jesus is God?’

We attended some delicious dinners which were arranged by the staff team. Some went over to a share house for a meal, others joined one of the pastors at his home, some were welcomed into the home of a friend or shouted dinner by some other friends at a local restaurant.

Enjoying a meal

  • Thank God for the cross cultural training that we received from Tim and reflections by members of the church.
  • Please pray for the man who was cooking “momo”, for Nick and the women who met Sam and Perla. Please also pray for the “car washers” to read the copy of Luke that they were given. Ask that all these people will come to know God through our Lord Jesus.
  • Give thanks for the friendships that the staff team have with a range of people and how they are intentionally seeking to share the gospel with them. Give thanks that we were generously invited into these relationships and for the opportunities to listen and speak.
  • Thank God for the stories that were shared and the truth that was declared. Please ask that God will reveal Himself to these dear friends and that they will put their trust in Jesus and be saved.