Day 3 / G’day from Geralton Mission!

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G’day g’day from Geralton mission!

It many respects the team has been in cultural shock exploring how in the same country mission can look very different here in the North West. However we have been warmly received from Bishop Gary Nelson as well as the ministry staff as we share in fellowship with them.

Sunday services saw preaching from Cam, Mus and Matt, as well as encouraging testimonies from Leoni and Andrew. It was a great reminder that from different cultures we gather as Christians to serve the one true and living God.

Over the days we have had a lot of opportunities to hear and be encouraged from the different ministries going on in Geraldton. Of particular note on Monday we headed down to the western shores and heard from Seafarers, an organisation which sends chaplains and cares for those working by sea. Over the coming days we will be sending team members out to partake in this ministry.

Tuesday we have been hearing from a rural hospital chaplain, the Bluff Point minister, a prison chaplain and Bush Church Aid. It has been eye opening to consider the types of roadblocks in social issues cause while conducting rural ministry, while encouraging to hear from those whom stick out the hard yards for the sake of Jesus.

Please pray for:

* Walk-Up opportunities; that our team members will exercise great humility yet confidence in the gospel, and those we talk to will have their hearts opened to consider the great news of Jesus.

*Upcoming formal opportunities to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ, in particularly for a women’s morning tea event and Senior Service event.

*The mission at Seafarers, that those that experience harsh conditions at sea will be open to hearing the gospel, and perseverance for those that call Jesus their Lord and Savior.

*Sustaining energy as we learn to love locals and engage with them in the short time we have.