Day 2 / The Drought and Evangelism

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Uncategorized

Feature Image: Team Tamworth at the farm 

After a huge Sunday, we all started a bit slow… until the coffee kicked in! We started the morning with a team meeting and some prep time, before visiting a church family’s drought-affected farm.

The farm is located on the outskirts of Tamworth, and the family built their home there by hand over three years. They welcomed us into their stunning home, and put on a stellar morning tea, complete with jam, cream and scones. Peter, the dad, openly shared about the impact of the drought for farmers. He told us about the heartbreaking decisions they face daily: whether to risk putting more money into crops and stock when rain may not come, or to sell their precious breeding cows at low prices (for hamburger patties), all while worrying constantly about the lack of rain, and watching their bank balance dwindle.

Peter was incredibly honest with us about the hardships farmers face around these parts. We were greatly encouraged that his faith in God helps him persevere in the midst of such suffering and uncertainty, and to hold firmly to his certain and eternal hope. What’s even more amazing is that Peter continues to seek out opportunities to share his hope with other farmers.

Following our visit, some of us went to chat to parents at the pre-school, which is run five days a week out of the church building. We were able to kickstart some conversations about Jesus, and will be going there every day this week. We hope to encourage these parents to think about Christianity, and help the church make new connections.

Fun at the Men’s Pub Games Night

To finish off the day, the men helped run an evangelistic Men’s Pub Games night at the local leagues club. It was amazing: over 50 men came together to enjoy a range of games and friendly rivalry, from darts, pool, and black jack, to jenga and memory. The fun stopped for a buffet meal, during which Tom gave his testimony.

Tom shared about his previous life as a doctor: the highs of helping people regain health, to the lows of breaking bad news to loved ones. Tom explained how, being convinced of the historicity of Jesus’ death and resurrection, he gave up his job to move to Australia and train for full-time ministry. Tom wrapped up by telling the crowd about the wonderful hope found in Christ, and challenged them to investigate these claims for themselves at church on Sunday.

Please join with us and pray:

  1. that God might break this drought, but until he does, to use it to bring people to a new knowledge of their Creator God.
  2. for the pre-school parents, that they will be challenged in their thinking to consider Christ, and engage with us and the church.
  3. that God will stir the hearts of men who heard Tom’s testimony to investigate Jesus’ claims, that they will come to church this Sunday and get to know Him.