Day 4 / Questions and Answers

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One of the great things about the Christian faith is that it can be interacted with and argued rationally. At Shore school the Moore team has already had great opportunities to show this, with one of the most exciting ways to do so with question and answer time. It has been great to see the team giving true and clear answers, in a way that is gentle and kind, and shows true love for Jesus and the message of the cross.

Today at lunchtime James and Monique we’re on a panel hosted by Paul, the school chaplain, and they did a fantastic job at answering questions from the students. The Q&A session was open to the whole school, and there was a great turnout, with too many challenging and thoughtful questions to be answered in the time slot we had. The questions included ‘is Jesus communist?’, ‘does God hate homosexual people?’, and ‘is the Bible true?’. There will be another Q&A time tomorrow, which two other students will take on.

Paul, James and Monique at the Q&A

Also today was the last of the week time chapel services for the senior school. During the week the boys are split into their school houses and have chapel with their house. This time Miles preached on Matthew 9:9-13, stating that Jesus is the one who hangs out with the unlovable people, like Matthew the tax-collector, or like the loud movie goer who spoils the film for you! He ended with an earnest plea for his listeners to reconsider Christ, getting under people’s skin with his genuine call.

In the evening Phil and Mike joined the year 7 and year 8 boarder Bible studies. As the boarders arrived they got stuck into supper. Then the year 7s listened to Phil give his testimony and the year 8s listened to Mike give his. The boys asked questions about the testimonies and what Moore College is like. It was encouraging to see the community of the boarders and how willing they are to spend more time together and more time hearing about Jesus.

Prayer points:

  • For health, as one of our team members was unable to join us today. Please pray that they would recover, and that nothing else would get in the way of our proclamation of the gospel.
  • Thanks for the variety of ways that we can participate in ministry at Shore, from formal preaching at chapel to informal chats at recess and lunch, and many things in between.