Day 3 – 5 / Masterchef and Mandarin

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Tuesday night – we had an awesome Q&A with people from the church coming along. It was a safe space for the members of the church to bring their questions about the New Testament and the construction of the Bible without feeling any shame.

Q&A – Is the NT myth or history

On Wednesday we enjoyed a day off. We had the morning off then met up in the afternoon for coffee and hang outs at Wendy’s Secret Garden in Sydney.

However, half the team enjoyed helping out at Macquarie Asian Australian Church

It was great to spend some time together in fellowship and get to know each other more.

Thursday morning was where our mission week really kicked off. Half of the team went to help with school scripture. There were 3 classes of children that got to hear about Jesus and heard about the Science Fun and Mini Masterchef events that the church was putting on at the end of the week. Artarmon also plays host to a playgroup of its own, where the talk is given in English and Mandarin (at the same time!). There were a few mothers and children there for the 1st time, and they shared interest in joining again next week. We also spent some time with Tim Hu, one of the ministers and there was discussion about the encouraging and challenging things about ministering to Chinese people.

So far it has been an amazing time and we feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the Artarmon mission, especially because they have fed us so well. The challenges have been few, but the encouragements just keep rolling in day after day.