Day 5 / A Day Off for Team Tamworth!

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Feature Image: Dan, Josh and Tom having a really good time at Chaffey Dam

We started our day off with a sleep-in, before heading to our chaplain Julia’s place. It was a lovely warm and sunny day and Julia cooked us a delicious brunch: fluffy pancakes topped with berries and yoghurt/ricotta, chorizo and vegetable quiches, paired with coffee and tea.

After a lazy morning, our team split in two. One half headed off to Chaffey Dam with a church member who took them on an epic 6-hour water skiing adventure. The other half headed to Peel Street, the main strip for a late lunch and a trip to the marsupial park.

James Piggott made an executive decision and booked us for an early evening out at the local bowls club where Julia broke almost every rule in the book by, among other things, running on the green (a big no-no)!

The Chaffey Dam group met up with the rest of us for dinner at the Tamworth Hotel, where we gathered together as a team for a lovely night of food, drink and chats, before we headed back to our respective hosts for a good and early night’s rest.


  1. give thanks for a lovely day out as Team Tamworth. We are getting to know each other and enjoying each other’s company.
  2. pray for energy over the next few days, which are packed with heaps of great activities designed to draw people to the church.
  3. praise God for his abundant blessings. We have loved doing ministry alongside members of the church and have been well-fed and cared-for this mission trip!

Barefoot bowls at the local establishment

Nigel making friends at the marsupial park

Team Tamworth having dinner together