Day 5 / Invigorating Faith

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Uncategorized

The group were at it again this morning, meeting at North Haven Primary School to teach them once again about the Good Shepard, Jesus. 120 Kids attended the SRE assembly and loved it. They were laughing along with Laruen and “Jafa” and singing along with Claire as she taught them a new song. The kids and the team had a lot of fun, with Travis bringing the session to a close with a challenge between the year groups. SRE in Camden Haven continues to be an amazing experience for us and we look forward to the last lessons tomorrow.

While that was going on some of the team had the chance to visit the women’s growth groups that meet in the morning. The students were invigorated by the faith that these women displayed to them. They felt welcomed and loved by the groups and were really impacted by their time with them. It was especially exciting to see how these women read the Bible, and how they rely on it to teach them the truth of God.

Knock knock! After lunch we had the opportunity to go door knocking out by the beach at Bonny Hills. The team and the church have been out door knocking at times throughout the week. The goal of this is to welcome and invite people to church. There have been many different reactions: some have politely said no, others have taken the invitation and thanked us. Some have invited us in, and a few have expressed real gratitude for the visit, with church members following them up a few days after. It has been a great experience for us to be evangelising with members of the church, to witness their excitement at reaching out to their community and to work with Nathan as he guides them.

In the evening some of the team had a lovely night with more groups. They had dinner with the group, then spent a while being grilled by them on everything from birth to future ministry plans. They then got to hear about how they’ve been encouraged and edified by the ministry of Camden Haven Anglican and Nathan. It was a great night.