Day 5 / Picking the brains of the ministry team

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Getting kids excited about Jesus

This Thursday morning our team helped Watsons Bay Anglican host their first scripture assembly. While only half the expected number of kids from the local Primary were able to come, those who did were really keen to visit the church. It’s obvious that they really love having Assistant Ministers Caitlin and Dan as their scripture teachers.

Some of our team were able to share in a short skit about how Jesus is power, authority and a substitute. The kids got a tour of the historic church building and enjoyed a morning tea of hot cross buns and fruit.

In chatting with the kids, we heard how some are excited about an afternoon kids club and future youth group that are planned to start up at the church. They also invited us to their school country carnival on Friday. It was also encouraging to hear that the Assistant Principal who accompanied the kids is now keen for future scripture assemblies on a larger scale.

Ministry to the elderly

On the drive down Old South Head Rd into Watson’s Bay, you’ll pass a large building rising like a luxury cruise ship with its ocean views. This is Mark Moran retirement village. A few church members are residents here and Minister Scott has started running a small chapel service on Thursdays. A few of our team went along to this chapel service and were encouraged to meet some of those continuing to persevere in their faith.

Earlier in the week, Elsie was able to accompany Minister Scott in visiting some sick elderly residents. They were able to read the Psalms and pray with them. Please pray for one who is close to death, but is unresponsive to talking about Jesus.

Picking the brains of the ministry team

Our team has gained a lot of wisdom and insight from the staff at Watsons Bay Anglican. In our daily training sessions we’ve discussed topics like how to work well as a team and figuring out a ministry philosophy. The ladies on team also appreciated being able to get together with Assistant Minister Caitlin and Emma, the Senior Minister’s wife, to hear about their experiences in ministry.