Day 5 / The Supernatural and Celebrities

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Uncategorized

Today was an awesome day full of different events that the church had planned. We started off by participating in a program for the older members of Penrith Anglican called FOSS (Friends Of Saint Stephens). Sam Darmo brought the word to the group and also shared his testimony. Sam’s story was a great encouragement to us all as we saw the power of God working in Sam’s heart in a truly supernatural way. God spoke to him in the midst of his darkness and brought him into God’s glorious light.

In the afternoon the team got to engage with the other end of the age spectrum through two events, one called “Slime Time” and the other called “Feast”. Slime Time was an opportunity to have fun with the kids, making a stack of slime in various colours. So much messy goodness! Feast is a kid’s ministry full of fun, games and good vibes! Ben Purdy shared God’s word with the kids using illustrations from the great philosopher Taylor Swift, and of course bringing his talk back to the always relatable movie, Frozen! Ben shared with the kids that despite their sin, God loves them so much, and he demonstrated it by sending his son Jesus to die on the cross to save them.

The team were also blessed to take part in a training session run by Tom Harricks, the rector at Penrith Anglican Church. The training was centred around how to run meetings well. Tom has been such a blessing to the team as he imparts his wisdom in both word and deed!

Continue to pray for the team in Penrith as we look forward to Friday. We will continue engaging the community of Penrith with the gospel through a women’s event called ‘Women’s Wellness and Pamper Evening’, CREW youth group, and ‘Beef with God’ Q&A in one of the local pubs!