Day 6 / Cold Contact

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

Friday saw Team Watsons Bay put in a final effort to get out into the community. We finished leafletting the area with invites to church for Sunday and Easter. We engaged people in conversation on the topic of why the church matters. It was encouraging to have an older member of the congregation join us because she wanted to learn more about doing cold contact evangelism.

In the afternoon, some of the team headed up to the local Primary School’s country carnival. We’d been invited to come by some of the scripture kids we met on Thursday. As a big community event we heard from Assistant Ministers (and scripture teachers) Dan and Caitlin how attending the carnival is a helpful way to strengthen the relationship with the school and connect with the parents of scripture kids.

To finish off the day we headed down to a local park near the ferry wharf for a team picnic dinner. It was great to have a few of the families of team members join us as we celebrated the work of the gospel in Watson’s Bay that we had been able to partner in over the week.