Day 6 / Discipling Melbourne’s Next Generation

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We began our day with a session by Richard (Pastor of Valley PC) on ministry philosophy and were encouraged to think carefully about how biblical principles inform pragmatics in the running of a church.

The rest of the day involved the team splitting into groups for various activities:


200 middle schoolers at Plenty Valley Christian College were confronted with the fact that Jesus’ death and resurrection at Easter demands a decision – a decision with consequences. As Matt put out this challenge to the students, he also shared the story of his own decision to follow Christ.

At Ivanhoe Grammar School, Paul was able to participate in the Easter assembly and tell the story of Barabbas. 700 school kids from K to Year 12 were challenged by what it means for Jesus to take our place on the cross.

Letterbox drop & Evangelistic Visits

Victor and Matt kicked off a letterbox drop in the surrounding suburbs to promote the upcoming “Easter in the Park” event. Along with an Easter egg hunt for the kids, the 10am celebration service will focus on the good news of that first Easter.

Jaison and Joey got to share the amazing message of grace with an elderly lady who seemed to trust a little too much in her own works. She still has a way to go but began to see that the only assurance of heaven comes in the death and resurrection of Jesus alone.

Youth Groups

In the evening a team of five joined Valley PC Youth Group where Netane gave a talk on Paul’s persistence in sharing the gospel from the book of Acts. It was an encouraging night of gospel discussions, partnership with the Valley youth leaders and fun with the youth.

At Epping PC Youth Group, a team of three attended to lead where Brodie unpacked the story of the blind man in John 9 and challenged the youth to see Jesus clearly. To reinforce the theme, the youth enjoyed making edible snowmen blindfolded!

Prayer points:

– Pray that as the various school assemblies run by the team wrap up, students and teachers would continue to consider the gospel.  

– Pray for gospel opportunities through the church stall at Mernda Fair on Sunday as well as the upcoming “Easter in the Park” event being promoted through leafleting. 

– Pray for the youth groups of Valley and Epping PC that the leaders would persevere in faithfulness and that the youth would grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus.

Nailed it.