Day 6 / Scripture and Shepherds, Cookies and Cupcakes

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Feature Image: Women’s Cake Decorating Event at the Church

Feeling refreshed after a much-welcomed day off, Team Tamworth started the morning with scripture assemblies at South Tamworth Public School: one assembly for Years K-2 and another one for Years 3-6.

The scripture classes have been learning about Easter, and this week the theme was on Jesus the Good Shepherd. A lot of thought, planning and preparation had gone into the structure and content of these assemblies, and it was so rewarding to see hundreds of kids across the two assemblies be totally transfixed by what they were learning about.

The K-2 assembly was first. Everybody in the team had a different part to play in making the assembly run: from writing scripts, to being a “very shy” Shepherd from Ireland, emceeing, leading songs, reading stories or pretending to be sheep, to name a few roles! A highlight and special treat for the kids was being able to bring along the local favourite puppet Russell to help explain what it means to follow Jesus the Good Shepherd.

The Year 3-6 assembly that followed was also fantastic. There was a slight mishap with some car keys locked inside a car (mentioning no names in particular…Mr Stones), with said car containing all the props necessary for a fun game of “Australia’s Greatest Shepherd”, but thankfully the car was unlocked just in time! Praise God! This was such a fun assembly, and an amazing opportunity to present Jesus to so many kids at once – we were so thankful to be able to do this.

In the afternoon the girls helped prepare for the women’s cake decorating event that evening, putting together piping bags full of royal icing and buttercream icing in all different fun colours, ready to be distributed across tables at the event. Needless to say, this job was incredibly fun and a delight to do!

The women in the church here had been really looking forward to this event, and there was a buzz of excitement around the room the whole night. It was great to see many women bringing along friends to the evening, with 100 women attending, 30 of whom were not Christian. Alongside learning how to decorate cookies and cupcakes, the women heard two testimonies: one from a local lady farmer, and another from Avril on our team. It was great to hear such personal and relatable stories from these women about how God had been at work in their lives.

All in all, though it was a long day, it was so amazing to continue seeing the many ways Jesus is being proclaimed here in Tamworth.

Please join us and pray:

  1. for the kids at Tamworth South Public School. Thank God for the chance to teach them about Jesus, our great shepherd, and pray that the kids accept his lordship.
  2. for our team as we continue to get to know each other and work together. Thank God for how he’s gifted us all differently, and pray that we care for each other well.
  3. for the non-Christian women who attended the women’s event. Pray that they will be eager to learn more about Jesus and come to church.

Shepherds feeding sheep in the Year 3-6 scripture assembly

Avril giving her testimony

A shy Irish shepherd in the K-2 scripture assembly