Day 6 / Ships Not Boats

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Gday from Geralton!

It has been an encouraging past few days as we have been serving alongside the members of Bluff Point and the Cathedral. A few of our members were given the opportunity to board a ship (not a boat, there is a difference) and see what seafarers mission is like first hand.

Our team has been encouraged partaking in numerous bible studies with church members and given the opportunity to share testimonies about how they became Christians as well as how they came to study theology. It has been wonderful to share in fellowship in these studies as we hear from the lives of our brothers and sisters across the country. Of particular encouragement was a women’s evening held Wednesday in which Leoni and Winnie were interviewed, as well as a Boys Brigade evening chatting with parents.

The Bishop of the diocese Gary Nelson also spent some time with us to discuss how mission looked in the greater North Western area, what are some of the joys, struggles and needs in the area.

Team is doing well, sustained through a wholesome mixture of prayer, devotion and multiple shots of coffee.

*Pray for those that seafarers are in contact with. Spending multiple months out at sea can result in loneliness and hardships for families. Pray that Christians can be sustained through Gods word and encouraged through the chaplaincy work of Seafarers.

Pray that the testimonies and stories we share can be of encouragement to our borothers and sisters in the West, in particular inspiring the raising of gospel workers in both formal and informal conditions. Pray for the growth of evangelical ministry within members of the churches.

*Pray for endurance, both of our team and the gospel workers in Geraldton.

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