Day 6-7 / On For Young and Old!

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What a day! SRE, Aged Care services, Door Knocking, Music time, Kids time, Youth group, today had it all. In what is probably the busiest day of the week for the team, we started once more with primary SRE. Meeting at Laurieton Primary school, it was the last chance for the team to share the message of Jesus as the Good Shepard. Jaffa (Adam), Bec and Tim taught and sung with the kids, who were excited to hear and meet us. It was a great end to the SRE lessons that we have been doing all week.

While that was going some of team participated and ran Camden Haven’s Friday morning Music Time, for younger kids are their parents. After lots of clapping, singing and moving, the team had the chance to sit down with some of the parents, and talk with them about their faith. During this time the team also had the chance to share with them their own faith and journeys. Later that day, in the afternoon, the team had the chance to participate in the Kids club at the church as well. It has been exciting for us to work with Travis, to see all that he does for the children of Camden Haven.

After lunch while some of the team went door knocking, a small group of us had the chance to run a small church service in the local aged care hostel. We sang hymns, prayed, looked at the Bible and shared testimonies. It was an amazing opportunity to meet people in their last stages of life and to witness the faith that they had.  The team walked in there with the idea that we would be encouraging them. But at the end, the team felt that they had encouraged us so much more in our walks with Christ then we could ever have encouraged them. An amazing group of people who displayed such a wealth of Christ like faith as they continue in their journeys. 

That evening some of the women got together to have some dessert and hear from the team. The theme of the night was contentment and they were all encouraged to bring something with them that they thought would bring them happiness but didn’t. Bec had the chance to talk and share with the women about her own struggles with finding contentment, and how we can all find contentment in Christ. It was a night of encouragement for all and a great opportunity for great conversations.

While that was going on the guys went along with Jessie to the youth group to meet some of the teenagers of Camden Haven. They had the chance to sing, run around (in an amazing race), sing again, hear for the Bible and share dinner together. Matt had to opportunity to share with the youth his own journey to faith. He encouraged them to consider that faith is more than just knowledge and to trust in God. Later in the evening Adam opened the Bible with them and showed them what it means that Jesus is king. He challenged them to consider what that means for them and how their lives should be changed by that information. The team were amazed and how welcoming and willing the youth were to talk, and share. It was a great night for team across the board and we are continually excited by the work of that Anglican Church in Camden Haven.


The team started the day with some much-needed rest. We spent some time together in the morning then went our own ways to relax and re-energize.

In the evening the men got together for a Men’s Meet and Meat night. It was an opportunity for us to share food together and bond as brothers in Christ. There were several people that the team had met throughout the week, that hadn’t been to church, who they had invited to this night and they attended. Rusdyan spoke to the men about Jesus and the most foolish death in history. He encouraged us to consider what Jesus death means to us, to give out lives over to him and be saved. It was an exciting night for the church and the team with the opportunity to meet and welcome new people. We hope and pray for continued fruit from this night, that the church will continue to reach the men of Camden Haven.