Day 7 / BBQ in Auburn Park

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Day 7 – Saturday

Kebabs, prep and BBQ

During Saturday there was plenty of time to prep for the BBQ in Auburn Park and for sermons, kids spots, testimonies and kids church. A bunch of us headed across the train line to Auburn shops and enjoyed some lunch together. The Kebabs and Falafel wraps were most popular.

Auburn Park BBQ
We were glad that it wasn’t raining but the wind was quite strong and cold. This did make things more difficult although about 100 people still turned up. Kevin, (who is one of the MTS apprentices there), was organising the event and was pleased with how many came despite the weather. One of the pastors said that he had been encouraged by both the involvement of the church and the number of visitors.

Here’s some of the people who came:

  • Perla and Kev visited *John during the week and he came to the BBQ.
  • Some people who attend the English Second Language classes were there as well.
  • *Izz had only been living in Australia for two weeks, received a flyer during the week and came along.
  • *Soren, spoke of the concerns that he has about his adult son. He has watched him become more and more materialistic since moving from Nepal to Australia. He was glad that Hugh isn’t so caught up in that aspect of Australian society and wanted his son to learn from him.

*Name’s have been changed

Prayer points

  • Thank God for the opportunity to host the BBQ and that people came even though it was windy and cold. Pray that people will come to church or the English classes. Thank God that some from ESL were there and that *John came along after being visited during the week. Pray that the church will be able to follow everyone up well.
  • Pray for *Izz who accepted the invite even though he had not met anyone from the church.
  • Please pray that *Soren will read and understand the gospel he has been given, that he and his adult son will come to church, meet up with Hugh and come to know God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Thank God for the opportunity to tell stories while drawing henna designs. Pray that the women who heard those stories will want to hear more about Jesus.

Meeting together

Preparing for people to come

Welcoming the community

BBQ in Auburn Park

Kebab time!