Day 7 / Door Knocking & Women’s Event

by | Mar 30, 2019 | Uncategorized

Saturday was a day with less planned activities than the other days, but we really got to see God’s sovereignty, providence and power. The day consisted of a lot of door knocking and a women’s event with the church in the evening. The door knocking was a really amazing time: most groups were returning saying they were able to share the gospel and pray with some people. Even if the gospel was not shared at every door, there were so many positive responses to the event we were inviting people to attend. It was great to see the team pushed somewhat out of their comfort zone and being encouraged to see who God had prepared for us to speak to. Even after door knocking, at night time, God was providing opportunities for people to share the gospel with people around the church building. Praise God!

The evening women’s event that we helped the church run was called a “Pampering and Wellness Night”. The women had set up a number of stations that included hand massages, a tea station, nail painting and plenty more. It was a really awesome event; a large number of visitors had a really enjoyable time. Xerri from our team was able to share a Bible talk centred around the idea of wellness, and in particular being spiritually well. Xerri did an amazing job communicating the gospel through the story of the bleeding woman, and she called on the women to make a response to the message they had just heard.